New Global Destiny Leadership Institute


The birth of New Global Destiny Leadership Institute will focus on globally transforming leaders across the world through the delivery of a biblically grounded curriculum.

The New Global Destiny Leadership Institute will offer undergraduate and graduate studies on-line. The studies will prepare Christian Global Leaders to impact the lives of this Global Nation.


Our Mission is to provide an excellent education from a biblical perspective, with a global context, which will help Christian Leaders to influence the Global World around them.

Goal # 1:

New Global Destiny Leadership Institute will make global commitments in Christian education to address the challenges facing the 21st-Century Global Community.

Goal # 2:

New Global Destiny Leadership Institute will be a trailblazer of a Christian, higher education, community.

Goal # 3:

New Global Destiny Leadership Institute will produce leaders that will be able to communicate effectively across cultural and linguistic regions and boundaries.

Church Planting:

To see a rapid multiplication of indigenous churches planted all over the globe.

Discipling Leaders:

Training Global Leaders to become church planters: When churches begin to plant churches, an entire city or country can be reclaimed for Jesus.

To all of My Daughters:

I received these words of wisdom while riding past the Desert: A Desert experience isn’t bad; it’s what you bring out of the desert that makes a desert experience worth all of the trouble.

Be Blessed,
Apostle Bridget C. Outlaw

Mentors often see the failure of their protégée’s often years in advance. We as humans look for that which is not lost.

Most things are easy to gain access. We act as if information is lost because we can’t find information when we need it.

We pour so much significance in things that are easy to find. If we look for that which is hard to find you will always find the right treasure.

We place value on things that has little to no chance to increase us into our eternal reward.

We seek out those things that keep our souls raging. Why can't one quiet the soul? Is quieting the soul yet but a lost art, or are we lost in controlling those things that appear as loud ramblings in our heart. Have you heard your soul raging today? Quiet it down today. God is in control today and certainly he is in control over yesterday.

We seek out those things that attract us to chemical fires that burn the nerve, control the soul and destroy the mind; as if they are secretly attracted to those people whom are fire starters. We seem to love those people that try to strike a match and burn those things in our life that are already burning. Why light a match to the problem that has already been discovered as a problem. Water is the only solution to put out fires..

When you are talking on the phone does the conversation seem to hot to hold? If it is too hot to hold, this is one of the things people use to burden your soul. If they can’t hold it, and it’s too hot, it will burn the next person that may not be equipped to handle it.

What is this thing when people bring the chemical fire of jealousy to us? This spirit of jealously is a mixture of liquid acid that burns one's mind and passion for life. Keep it out of our lives forever.

Why do we care about what other people have, and what other people think of us? Is the worrying really about that invisible person trying to make us feel inadequate again? Who is this invisible person? Isn’t it the other critical part of ourselves, whom we never seemed to ask it to shut up, or is it the one that comes along when we feel the worst about ourselves? Everyone knows this invisible person; it’s the critical part of the self.

Why control things that we can’t change? Why put energy into people whom are not willing to put energy in us? Only invest in those people and things that are willing to take the risk, as well, and invest in us, as well.

Why alter your destiny when you appear to be on the right track anyway. Someone else may offer advice about how to get there, but only you, the person who is headed toward the destination, can really experience the sheer joy of following your own yellow brick road. Some people have gotten off that road so much their yellow brick road has been painted black, because of so much self doubt. Why should I follow their road?

We have unrequited love with ourselves, why don’t we give back to ourselves, love ourselves, forgive yourself, yes even trusting yourself. Isn’t it time to give in to loving ourselves? Let us no longer hold the love that we have for ourselves hostage. Set your love free today.